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wantmusic.com does not sell parts or service manuals,


     Expirience each audio presentation the way it was inteneded...
           - on the equipement it was put together for and in the way that era enjoyed the moment.

     Whether you are...
           - tuning in a short wave station for Europe,
           - listening to Enrico Caruso's 1905 performance of "O SOLE MIO", on a 1/4 inch thick
                records, recorded just a little faster than 78 rpm, that cost purchasers, back then, $5
           - listening to It's "A Long Way to Tipperary" being sung by Stanely Kirkby from just after
                World War I, on a Columbia Record, that originally cost 65 cents
           - Cole Porters "Why Can't You Behave" being sung by the early Frank Sinatra and the
                Phil Moore Four, from the 1950's
           - Lincoln Mayorga, Amanda McBroom or Dave Crusin on a Limited Edition of a Shefield Lab
                Direct Disc Recording from the 1970's...
     Each is a unique experience.

     A snapshot in time, to be enjoyed, exactly as others did then.

     We work to recreate that exact experience, on equipement from that era, as expected.